To cure infinitely and beyond...

The studio I work for, Lovelane Designs, is doing the crowd funding thing (through Etsy!) and asking fans to help expand the company. Demand is growing and production is unable to keep up! We need a special piece of equipment, a large scale conveyor dryer which cures the printed ink to the fabric, in order to stay in flight. This With your super powers and ours, we can continue to create hand-crafted heirloom quality imaginative play-wear for the little ones. Check out the video and the merchandise, support if you're into it!



Going National

Today, the Made in America segment of ABC World News Tonight featured the studio I work with, Lovelane Designs. The mastermind behind it all, Lane Huerta, designs unique and imaginative EVERYDAY play wear for the small ones...and sometimes big ones too. 

Check out the segment here.

And feel free to buy all of the things here.

Oh, and here's Pixie. She likes to help out as much as possible.