*photo by  Keith Morgan *

*photo by Keith Morgan*


I am a textile designer & illustrator exploring environmental conservation concepts & ecology through a bounty of natural media. Born between swamps & sugar cane fields, childhood found me barefoot & wild, exploring the sticky environment of Southeast, Louisiana. These dense & layered surroundings laid the path for further learning at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, where I gained a solid foundation in visual arts. In 2012, I graduated from The Savannah College of Art & Design, with a BFA in Fibers. During my time at SCAD I dove into the methodical world of screen printing & was introduced to the scientific & often experimental field of natural dyeing. With a strong appreciation for the Earth we inhabit & with a ravenous appetite for all things natural dye, I create illustrated conceptual utilitarian textiles that remind and raise awareness of the importance of our surrounding native ecosystems. My hope is that these utilitarian objects will start conversations and be small reminders of how every choice we make matters.

Currently living & making in Atlanta, GA.