A-Town Get Down: Kehoe Remix

I have been fortunate enough to have a hand in creating this large scale, up-cycled, collaborative fibers wall that hung on the fence during the 2014 A-Town Get Down at the Morris Center in Savannah, GA. The work was conceived and led by artist katherine sandoz, and completed by a team of multi-talented creatives, including: 

katherine sandoz, Anita Akella, Emily Chao, Cecily Charles, Alyssa Drennen, Marcella Frankil, Jesse Jordan, Bartira Lobo, Vincent Mccraw, Hale RardinBenazir TorresAutumn Van Gunten, and myself.

What this looks like broken down (courtesy of the sandoz):

size: 3′ x 60′

2,688 square feet of up-cycled vinyl donated by SpeediSign 

4′ x 100′ construction mesh donated by J.T. Turner

6 t-shirts donated by A-Town Get Down

1 ArtPort Shuffle used canvas 9′ x 12′

1 random piece of canvas 2′ x 3′

1 1970′s bed sheet

9:30 – 5:00 (lunch .5 hours) = 7 hours

10 full-time workers = 70+ hours or 2 wks work 1 person

1 color sorting wonder (Oliver, age 7) 1.5 hours

12 pairs scissors

5 pairs needle nose pliers

10 staplers

a lot of staples, zip ties


*Photo by  Earl Bryan *

*Photo by Earl Bryan*