F. catus

This post is about F. catus. It's also about Scientific Classification. It's about the Scientific Classification of Harrison "Harry" Gardner and Squirrel "Cutest Kitty"  Bourgeois. I'm doing that New Year thing where you take on a project that you promise to complete each week. Science, the environment, and drawings of. 

I want to learn and I'd like to inform.

We were all taught Scientific Classification (or Biological Classification) in grade school. Here it is again.

Mr. Corolus Linnaes is the Sweedish plant scientist who is responsible for inventing this method of grouping living organisms together based on their similarities. (mid 1700s) Because, as we know, humans gotta have order and humans gotta have truth, always.
Scientific Classification goes as such:

or Kids Prefer Cheese Over Fried Green Spinach.
or Keeping Precious Creatures Organized For Grumpy Scientists.
or (the way I learned it) Keep Pickles Cold Or Fungus Grows Shortly.
but even more memorable, Kinky People Can Often Find Good Sex.
Each category has its own set of categories and so on and so on and so on, until you widdle it down to that one single Species who's in a category of its own. A species is defined as an individual that can do it and have babies, ahem, reproduce.

The Scientific Classification of Kitties. or the Domesticated Cat. or F. catus. As follows:

Last note, if you ever see a group of kitties you should say  something like "Hey there, that's a clowder of cats." Or "Y'all look! it's a glaring of kitties!"
Now I know, and so do you.