A series of screen printed silk scarves which explore the classification of non-human organisms in order to see more clearly into how we can perceive ourselves as humans, as entities with the same basic needs and fundamental desires as all living beings.

“Nothing is inevitable provided we are willing to pay attention.” 
- Marshall McLuhen

As human beings, our lives are not any more special than the lives of other living organisms on this planet. We do not contribute anything more or better than any other. Each living being plays a specific role and all are extremely important to the survival of everything. As humans, we have taken over the earth as if it were made only for us and we are continuously depleting ecosystems and the populations of other organisms for the benefit of our own lives and our own pleasures.

However, it is only natural for living organisms to want to survive and to thrive and to act selfishly on behalf of these instincts. But, unlike most non-human organisms, we have the ability to reason, to change our habits, and to manipulate our perceptions of the world around us and how we utilize our resources. Do we want to continue down this path which obviously leads to premature extinction; or are we willing to pay more attention to what the earth is telling us? Are we willing to change our old habits and rethink our tried and tired solutions, in order to survive and thrive on this planet in unison with our other fellow organisms?






*screen printed with dye on silk habotai* 
Photography by Andrew Hefter

A process video of Homogeneous by Gabriella Garcia-Pardo