*photo by  Keith Morgan *

*photo by Keith Morgan*


Process is just as important as the concept & the final product. That is why I am dedicated to translating my illustrations through harnessing the powers of plants & their natural dyes.  I strive to utilize plants from my immediate area by collecting food scraps, harvesting leaves, flowers, & berries from the local landscape & growing plants I know to be good dyers.  I  use every scrap of material I purchase in order to put less waste into the world.

Most items are dyed using an eco-bundling technique paired with a naturally dyed screen printed illustration. This, in return, means that most items are extremely time intensive. Dyed fabric goes through a series of scouring, mordanting, bundling, waiting, washing, printing, waiting, steaming, washing, ironing, & sometimes batiking, indigo dipping, washing, ironing & finally, hand hemming. Most of my work is experimental, so it is quite possible that some textiles involve further steps.  In a permanent state of work in progress, I am constantly researching materials and techniques to ensure that I am developing products using the most ethical goods and processes with the least amount of environmental impact.                                                                                                                              
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I am a textile designer & illustrator exploring environmental conservation concepts & ecology through a bounty of natural media. Born between swamps & sugar cane fields, childhood found me barefoot & wild, exploring the sticky environment of Southeast, Louisiana. These dense & layered surroundings laid the path for further learning at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, where I gained a solid foundation in visual arts. In 2012, I graduated from The Savannah College of Art & Design, with a BFA in Fibers. During my time at SCAD I dove into the methodical world of screen printing & was introduced to the scientific & often experimental field of natural dyeing. With a strong appreciation for the Earth we inhabit & with a ravenous appetite for all things natural dye, I create illustrated conceptual utilitarian textiles that remind and raise awareness of the importance of our surrounding native ecosystems.

Currently living & making in Atlanta, GA.